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Dino Bath & Dress Up

2.99 usd

Dino Bath & Dress is developed for children ready to potty, bath, wash hands, get dressed, dress up and wear shoes train. It’s a super fun way to engage, encourage, and delight even the youngest kids to learn good habits, and this charming app features everyone’s favorite cute Dinos. 1 Train children's 6 ability of daily life! 2 Play with 6 different cute Dinos! 3 Full of mini tasks and small surprises! 4 Dino Stickers as Rewards!
AT THE SINK: Dino’s hands, face and teeth are dirty; his nails are too long and need cutting, could Dino clean himself? And do not forget to put the cream on his face.
TAKE A BATH: Dino’s body is dirty, could you help to clean her? Have you tried making soap bubbles in the bathtub? At last, please pat her skin dry with a towel.
POTTY TRAIN: Please help the Dino learn to use the potty. Rub his stomach, which might be helpful. Why not try spraying some air freshener and turning on the fan switches? Or maybe you can read a book.
GET DRESSED: Every Dino has his/her favorite clothes, could you help him/her to dress up? Zip the zipper up or up the buttons!
DRESS UP: You can dress up the Dino with underwear, cloth, shoes, hat, glasses and toys to make them look exactly the way you want.
WEAR SHOES: Do you know how to wear shoes? How to tie shoelaces and wear thread gluing shoes? Then, please help the Dino.
So, let’s play with the cute Dinos!
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